About Our Firm

Skinner Design Associates is an architectural and design firm committed to creating innovative yet functional structures for a variety of clients.

Originally established as Skinner-Groves Ltd. in 1984, a 2006 restructuring gave us our new name as well as a new mission: to be leaders in the development of our region through close collaboration with our clients, participation in new energy initiatives, and ties with the next generation of architects and designers. This mission, along with over 25 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of award-winning projects, means our team has the desire and talent to design structures that meet the needs of each client for years to come.


A prime focus of our firm is sustainable architecture in Kentucky. We believe in our ability to produce beautiful, alluring buildings without compromising the world around us. In fact, we pride ourselves on a number of traits that set us apart from other sustainable design firms, including:

  • LEED accreditation and an emphasis on environmentally-conscious building design.
  • Adaptive reuse focuses, enabling us to breathe new life into existing buildings.
  • Historic preservation that qualifies us to keep history alive.

Our architecture is designed for the present and the future, and takes into consideration numerous sustainable concepts to ensure it stands the test of time.

Exceptional Accreditation

Our professional personnel are LEED accredited and hold memberships in the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Kentucky Society of Architects (AIA Kentucky), and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). We hold license to practice in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as well as various other states. Through these direct licensures and a distinguished network of affiliates, we are able to work regionally, nationally, and internationally on projects of any size.

We have a depth of experience covering all manner of commercial architecture in Kentucky, including for office buildings, religious structures, civic buildings and medical facilities.


Community plays a vital role in the success of our firm and the approach we take to serving our customers. We strive to integrate ourselves into the communities we serve and leave a lasting mark of pride and excellence throughout the buildings we design.

A shining example of this mission can be seen in our collaboration with the University of Kentucky College of Design on the Henderson Project. We are excited to have brought new minds and perspectives to the development of our community through this project and hope to continue endeavors by internalizing what we have learned from this unique exchange and others like it.

No matter the size, scope or nature of the development, we promise to provide our clients and communities with the very best and latest ideas in environmentally responsible and cost-effective design.