Architectural Services in Kentucky

Skinner Design Associates offers a wide range of architectural services to customers from a broad range of industries. Our goal is to help you conceptualize and finalize a design that’s unique, alluring and highly functional for your specific building application.

Our experience spans from municipal designs to school architecture in Kentucky, in addition to religious establishment design and medical facility conception. Our full range of services goes beyond just design conceptualization, however. We also offer targeted services to ensure your building is getting a singularly tailored architectural approach:

  • Visioning: We collaborate with our clients to understand their needs and their demands for a structure that meets them. The goal of our visioning process is to ensure no stone remains unturned and that all obstacles of a design are brought to the forefront and addressed. This process enables us to meet your highest demands for excellence.
  • Adaptive reuse: Because we’re an environmentally-conscious firm, we take pride in our approach to adaptive reuse. We can repurpose buildings that are no long occupied and restore their function for a completely new purpose. Buildings have good bones—we intend to put them to work for another lifetime through adaptive reuse!
  • Architecture: Our general architecture oversight is often employed for a variety of projects. We’re happy to lend our creative approach to everything from medical building planning to office architecture in Kentucky, to give you the creative push you need to find the design that best fits your building.
  • Planning: Planning is a critical step in the development phase and one that needs expert insight to approach. We’ll plan land usage, utility installation, develop and build phases and more, to make sure your project remains on time and within budget.
  • Sustainable design: As a LEED accredited firm, we’re committed to sustainable design. Whether it means using recycled materials or implementing energy efficient design plans, we go above and beyond to reduce the carbon footprint of your development and the final building product.
  • Historic preservation: Our team is committed to preserving history where it stands, which is why we gladly welcome historic preservation projects. We’ll make sure buildings of historical significance are given the attention they need to flourish in the future.

For more information about any of the architectural services we’re pleased to offer our customers, please contact us today by calling 270-826-8476.